• LuckyThis year I turn 54 and I received a host of compliments and I say this not to brag but to share what amazing job satisfaction I have. I guess we do not realize the impact we have on some people’s lives. Most people believe we just search for the mortgage rates are find mortgages. I can see how the public might view it. But how many people would receive a letter from a first time buyer Who confesses no one took her seriously and she is so grateful for us? How about an elderly woman tearing up with joy after we increased her cash flow by $1000 per month? Another first time couple who we set up their future financial plan? Yes the stories are all true and they all happened within the last week. In conclusion, how lucky can you be when you still enjoy going to work even after 25 years in the industry.

    Robert Floris is at Independent mortgage agent with mortgage architects.

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