• Fairness. Honesty. Trust.

  • There are many mortgage brokers out there all claiming to be equally qualified to arrange you mortgage.

    But beware!

    Some of them may not be attentive enough. This could leave you vulnerable to being sued if, for example, you waive your condition of financing only to discover that the financing fell through.

    Some of them may charge (high) fees. It is true that they must disclose their fees but we have seen people get stuck because they find out too late. If you have already waived your condition of financing and at the 11th hour you find out that the fees are high, you may not have time to arrange alternate financing.

    Some of them make their decisions and recommendations based on what's in it FOR THEM and not what is best for you. This is where it comes down to trust.

    We have a proven track record of honest and integrity in the industry. People often come to us AFTER they have been burned.

    We do not pressure and we are happy to give expert advice. So even if you are working with another broker or the bank directly, you are still welcome to come to us for a second opinion. Our past clients can attest that many times we have encouraged them to USE US to negotiate a better rate with their existing banks and we get nothing out of it except the satisfaction that we did what was right for them. This helps us to sleep well at night and to further build our reputation! A win-win! :-)