• We at Robert Floris’s Hamilton Mortgage Architects office try to write as if our roles were reversed. I want you to learn with one of our successful stories that financial borrowing without stress is possible.

    A past client scheduled a meeting to discuss a refinance on her mortgage. Her life changed dramatically when her relationship ended. A proud woman who could handle almost anything came in and we reviewed her financing. The fact is she took on all the debt of her failed marriage. The fact was that her current financial situation was a mess. In my analysis there was only one conclusion, bankruptcy. In delivering the news, I was sensitive, but my reaction was caught off guard. She burst out crying, uncontrollably. This proud woman could not bear the news, but by her emotional state it was becoming quite clear that stress was affecting her very much and her brave face was mere acting.

    We talked over an hour that day and I helped her understand that bankruptcy in her case was nothing to be ashamed of. This month we are handling her renewal. I am proud to say that she will be receiving a very low mortgage rate. More importantly she is a new grandmother and genuine pride is back. She is debt free and living her life.

    It was the best solution!

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