• One of the best answered questions I give my clients is how much money do I need to purchase my home. Most clients have done a good job seeing the minimum required is 5%. But is this the most responsible answer? In reality, no. At Robert Floris mortgage architects office we help show why from a big picture point of you, it is rather simplistic.

    Year after year many Canadians do not plan and consequently they struggle with their financesBuying your first home should be a dream and not a nightmare and obviously take it seriously when you hear it is the biggest purchase of your life.

    These are the key areas to consider when buying a home on top of the 5% down payment:

    1. Do I have the funds for legal costs?

    2. When I moved in do I have appliances, furniture and other household items?

    3. Do we need money for immediate repairs and renovations?

    4. Will my car need replacing soon and is it affordable?

    5. Will I have an emergency account?

    At Robert FLORIS mortgage architects office, we teach these principles and the best part, we do not charge and there is no obligation.

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