• urgent covid-19Urgent COVID-19

    This may be the most important message I have ever sent. Although I am not a doctor, I, like you, am concerned regarding the urgent COVID-19 virus. I wondered about how we may help financially. Here are my thoughts. Generally, you must think of yourself first. Here is how:

    1. Family First

    • How do I keep my family safe?
    • Can we avoid areas with lots of people?
    • Take stock of your food situation along with water and cleaning products

    2. Save Cash

    • Cash will be king
    • Make minimum payments on credit cards and lines of credit
    • Preserve cash
    • If possible, consolidate date to preserve cash

    3. Mortgage

    • Your mortgage should be last
    • If you have a CMHC mortgage, you may be able to delay the payments by 6 months

    Always ask yourself: is this good for my family?

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