• This week is really exciting for us Canadians. It is the week of Canada Day. Although I have been servicing mortgages in Hamilton for the past twenty-five years, this article will not be about low, cheap mortgage rates or the housing market in the Hamilton-Wentworth area. Today, I am going to express my opinions on this great country of ours.

    My parents immigrated here from Italy in the late 50’s. Needless to say, they chose to chase their dreams in a foreign country. Although Italy is a very special and beautiful country, economically it was challenged. We ended up spending our formative years in the Barton and Sherman area in Central Hamilton, better known as “Little Italy”. Immediately we were different, my dad was Canadian first, we went to public schools and we were sure to vote. I made sure that I promised myself to raise my daughters with Canadian pride. I asked them this past weekend what they like about our country. My youngest daughter, who is in grade 9, indicated how cool it was that in our big beautiful country, we can get away from the city and be in cottage country or the wilderness within a few hours.

    My eldest daughter, who just finished her first year of university, was very proud of how well respected our flag and reputation is around the world. I guess my wife and I have done a half decent job of making sure our girls realize how great of a country Canada really is.

    Here are come interesting and fun things to know about Canada:

    • We invented basketball (Since the Floris’ are a basketball family, this is a pretty cool fact for us)
    • We also invented peanut butter, the IMAX theatre, the odometer, canola, pablum, butter tarts, the pager, electronic streetcars, the gas mask, Trivial Pursuit, the microscope, alkaline batteries and five-pin bowling
    • Most importantly, we discovered Insulin, resulting in saving millions of lives
    • We also have our own Canadian language. Where else do you have words such as a Caesar drink, a Canuck, a toque, a loonie or toonie, a two-four, a rink rat and of course, a cup of Timmies
    • We have also been very successful in creating many great comedians: Martin Short (from Hamilton, Ontario), Seth Rogan, Mike Myers and Jim Carrey. (This list could go on for a while by the way)

    Being Canadian is wonderful for these reasons. But for me, being Canadian means that my kids have opportunities. The kids can grow up in a peaceful country where they can get a top quality education, have an excellent standard of living, and bring up their own kids the same way. I know I live in a great country when I cross that border back into Canada and can finally take that breath of relief…this is something I can’t explain.

    Robert Floris is an independent mortgage broker at Mortgage Architects in Hamilton, Ontario.

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