• unsung heroesThank you, Unsung Heroes

    There is no denying that the last month or so has been a bizarre and concerning time for most of us. There are so many uncertainties that exist right now between all that’s going on with the virus, when our regular day-to-day lives will go back to normal, and what effects this will have on our economy. One thing that is for certain, however, are the unsung heroes that exist in our community. Today, we at Robert Floris’ Mortgage Architects office would like to acknowledge these groups of heroes and front liners who often fail to receive the recognition they deserve.

    First and foremost, right now we would like to thank the nurses, doctors and all of the healthcare workers who are working tirelessly day in and day out during this pandemic. You truly are our front-line workers and we appreciate you greatly. My mother is in a long-term care facility and I cannot thank those nurses enough for taking such great care of the patients in there at this time.

    Thank you to our first responders, who demonstrate such bravery on a day to day basis. You have such a thankless job and we want you to know we appreciate you. Earlier this week for example, a fire that was set on James Street North was put out by a police officer who ran down with a fire extinguisher. The fire was out before the firefighters even arrived. Another remarkable story in Hamilton from this week was a police officer named Kevin Vanderheide, who helped deliver a newborn baby girl outside of the mother’s home.

    Additionally, thank you to those working in the grocery stores, food processing plants, pharmacies, banks, and any other essential workers who continue to show up to work every day despite COVID-19. We at Mortgage Architects thank you so much.

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