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    With the introduction of computers, cell phones and the internet, more and more Canadians have started telecommuting. Those who don’t need to be physically present to do their jobs, have started to work remotely.

    Not Possible For Everyone

    As a mortgage broker, I need to meet with clients; predominantly in my office but also in their homes or in cafes etc. However, I am lucky because my morning commute is about 10 minutes of local traffic. Telecommuting is not a big priority for me. There are times when I don’t have any meetings scheduled that I am able to work from home. Of course I always have my cell phone with me, checking emails, texting, talking – so my business moves with me.

    Staying At The Cottage

    I read an article recently that many Canadians are taking telecommuting to another level. Not only are more Canadians working from home, but they are taking their business to even more remote locations. This includes their cottages, trailers and even their summer homes out of the country! The challenge with cottages is getting reliable internet access. When there are a lot of trees in the way, it can even be a challenge to reach a satellite.

    Telecommuting is a very welcome concept for many Canadians. They will sell their homes and get more value for their money outside of the city. Others will purchase a second home and keep a condo in the city. When the price of houses in Vancouver skyrocketed, many people started selling and moving to Victoria. The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations has found recently that 28% of Ontarians work from their waterfront communities. Nine percent of these work remotely full time and 70% occasionally work remotely.

    The tranquility of a cottage is very alluring to most. Life is short. If we are fortunate enough to have the ability for telecommuting and our job allows that, why wouldn’t we take advantage?

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