• So this is Christmas, and what have we done? My twenty fifth year of mortgage brokering is coming to an end and so I decided to enjoy the moment. I will take a break from looking at Hamilton Housing, Mortgage Architects, low mortgage interest rates or the Canadian economy. It does not mean I will quit working I will just work regular hours.
    I am not ashamed to say that Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. I don’t even mind the snow (at least until Christmas is over). It is the time of the year where I really appreciate all I have. Only one third of the world lives like Canadians. We are truly fortunate. When talking Christmas, gifts don’t really mean a lot to me. It’s that people are nicer and there is a spirit in the air. There will be celebrations with many friends and some mortgage colleagues who I have not connected with in a while.
    When I was in Europe I was really impressed with a lot of their culture. Before they went to work they would sit with their friends to have a coffee. At lunch these Europeans’ would return home to eat lunch with their family. After work they would enjoy a drink with their friends again before returning home to their families. Needless to say they think we work too hard. Maybe they are right.
    As this Christmas arrives, I am very grateful for my life and for my family. I don’t know what the answer to happiness is but I know I feel it during Christmas. I really hope all my friends, family and clients feel it as well. Merry Christmas to all, like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life, I feel truly blessed.

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