• Mortgage Sweepstakes 2015

    It was spring and a nice couple had come in with their son. They were a good family who worked hard but unfortunately did not make a lot of money. Their debts were killing their cash flow. We reconstructed their mortgage and taught them how to save money first. We hoped our advice helped. That Christmas I received a card with a picture of their son. It was the first time they were debt free and they managed to get a savings account. They were grateful. I hope this kind of advice continues to help this couple and enrich other families lives. Debt can be a financial killer.

    Help us celebrate Robert Floris’ 25th year of mortgage services! To thank all of Rob’s clients, he will be drawing a winner for an amazing prize!

    YOU can enter for a chance to win a $1500 travel voucher OR $1500 off your next mortgage payment! Simply send in your referral to Robert Floris to be entered in the draw. The winner will be drawn on June 1st  2015!

    Robert Floris is a mortgage broker and certified financial adviser offering free, no obligation financial advice and low mortgage rates in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He prides himself on educating the client with no pressure advice to help the client make informed decisions about their mortgage. Robert Floris is all about helping people reach a quality of life and become debt free.

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