• rented water heaterBuying A Home With A Rented Water Heater?

    How Rented Water Heater and Air Conditioning Rental Agreements Can Be a Nightmare

    Gene had met Linda and they both decided, after falling in love, to buy a home together. It was not long before they found their dream home. Now he had to sell his home. Fortunately, it sold quickly. All was well until a few weeks before their closing. Their dream situation was beginning to crack. In selling his home, the new purchasers’ realtor was wise enough to put in a clause. The clause stipulated that Gene as the vendor was responsible for the buyout of the rented water heater, furnace and air conditioner. What could go wrong? The payout was for $34,000. In other words, in order to sell the house, it would cost them an extra $34,000.

    Get A Realtor Who Will Protect You

    A professional Realtor, Deborah Coles, who works with Robert Floris and Sean Howard, has been putting in buyout clauses for rental agreements for over three years. Unsuspecting seniors were sold these rented water heater agreements by door to door salespeople years ago. The lesson learned is ensure your realtor is aware of these agreements before you put in an offer or sell your home.

    When buying a home, it is always best to surround yourself by professionals in their industry that you can trust.

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