• Reflecting on Hamilton

    As a mortgage broker working and living in Hamilton, I should be discussing housing, low mortgage rates, or financing in general. But I want to reflect on what a great city we live in.
    This past Saturday after working a few hours in the office I decided to go to the Upper Paradise stairs for a little exercise. It was a beautiful fall day and best of all the stairs were not busy. As I exited my vehicle I encountered a past client. Fifteen minutes later after talking I headed to the stairs where I met another gentleman whom I met through the basketball community. Maybe it was the day or perhaps my mood but I started to reflect only in Hamilton, two nice men with no pretentiousness.
    As I continued my exercise I began to think how nice this city really is. I really started realizing my feeling last Wednesday. I had to go to Toronto and 2 hours later I arrived. After 2 hours I left $25.00 poorer after paying for parking. Everyone in this part of the GTA seemed to be in a hurry. I wonder if everyone would stop to talk like I did at the stairs.
    So today I tell you how a son of two Italian immigrants made Hamilton his home. My dad was offered positions in Rochester, New York and Montreal. Needless to say my life would have been quite different. Hamilton is where I went to school for all my years including Business at Mohawk College. I worked for six months in Oakville, but managed to carve out a career in Hamilton. My longest commute is when there is a line up at Tim Horton’s. The traffic system works because it is not over congested.
    My whole life has reverberated around here. My wife is from Hamilton, and our kids call the city home. Yes I’m a proud Hamiltonian, this city is big enough for me to provide all my amenities and yet small enough that when I venture out I seem to know everyone. I’m proud that Hamilton has provided me my opportunities and my good life.

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