• Real Estate AgentFinancial Post Article: Breaking Up With Your Real Estate Agent

    I try to keep on top of the latest news concerning Real Estate Agents and mortgages. The above article caught my eye. It was in the Financial Post and it was certainly written with an agenda. At Robert Floris’ Mortgage Architects Office, we are focussed on working with truly professional Real Estate Agents. The above article basically indicated that there was little recourse in getting out of a contract with a Real Estate Agent. However, it appeared to me that it was written with a slant against realtors.

    In this article, the top reasons why clients were not happy were:

    1. Needed someone to blame when the home did not sell
    2. Agent over promised the value of the home
    3. Additional services that were offered were not given. For example: marketing.
    4. Questioning the realtors advice when they lose out on bids.

    For clients selling their home, they should ask us for a referral. As mentioned above, the only realtors we work with are:

    1. Truly professional
    2. Have more than 15 years experience
    3. Are honest and are excellent communicators
    4. Built a business on credibility

    In a relationship, there are two sides to every story. I would suggest that the Financial Post’s next article topic should be the use of good, professional realtors!

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