• As we look into our crystal ball at Robert Floris’ Mortgage Architects, here are some of our predictions for 2018.

    Generally speaking, we are looking forward to a more stable year than 2017. 2017 was pretty tumultuous for the mortgage and real estate industry with housing prices skyrocketing and falling, rate increases and new mortgage rules introduced.

    Good news: we’re not expecting any new mortgage rules in 2018.

    Bad news (depending on your viewpoint): rates are expected to increase again albeit very modestly.

    Interesting point: we’re expecting to see more “unregulated” loans – meaning those from “private lenders/investors”. These can be a godsend for some people to bypass some strict bank criteria but they come at a cost – generally higher interest rates and lender fees.

    Due to all of the above and other factors, we are not expecting housing prices to increase or decrease drastically.

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