• Over the last decade, there has been a noticeable trend of buyers coming from the GTA and discovering that Hamilton is a great place to live. Real estate values in the Hamilton area continue to increase, and pockets of the city that were once overlooked have reinvented themselves as vibrant and dynamic communities. Hamilton has a lot to be proud of. Here are nine reasons this city stands out from the rest:

    World-class healthcare – Hamilton Health Sciences is a group of seven hospitals, a cancer centre and an urgent care center. This organization serves more than 2.3 million people in and around the Hamilton area, and provides employment for approximately 11,000 people.

    A vibrant art scene – Through collective organizations and the collaboration of hundreds of like-minded, creative individuals, Hamilton has put itself on the map for its art, independent music and culture scene.

    Convenient location – Hamilton is located within driving distance of several US border crossings, the city of Toronto and the Niagara area.

    Excellent education – Hamilton is home to Mohawk College, one of Canada’s largest colleges, and the world-renowned McMaster University. Education in all levels offers alternative learning and a variety of options for parents who want to make sure their kids get the best shot at success.

    Beautiful scenery – Although Hamilton has defined itself as an industrial city, don’t underestimate its natural beauty. There are more than 120 waterfalls within the city limits. The Bruce Trail provides miles of peaceful hiking trails, and the waterfront parks are some of the finest in Ontario.

    A continuously improving job market – For young professionals looking to establish themselves in finance, health care, education or logistics, Hamilton has a wealth of opportunity.

    Exceptional real estate prices – This is most likely the number one reason why people choose Hamilton as their ideal place to live in. Real estate prices are much lesser than other cities west of the GTA, and there are hundreds of beautiful homes to choose from.

    Established neighbourhoods – Whether your ideal home sits on a hundred-year-old downtown street or within a cozy suburb, there is a perfect neighbourhood in Hamilton for you.

    A sense of community with a common goal – Hamilton has pulled through a tough economic downturn, and is moving forward in leaps and bounds. At the heart of Hamilton’s progression is a community that cares. The residents of Hamilton recognize their city’s potential, and each year that passes, they successfully make their city a better place to live in and visit.

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