• MovingIt is much easier listening to clients talking about their emotions when moving than actually experiencing it. At Robert Floris’ Mortgage Architects office in Hamilton, I had to go through this experience several times during the past week. This included cleaning my mother’s home after leaving for assisted care and moving my daughter into university residence.

    I never really gave any thought to the experience of clearing out her home, but in hindsight I should have. I broke up the process into these phases:

    Look at all the items and sort them into the following categories:

    1. Keeping
    2. Discarding
    3. Selling using an auction house
    4. Could GG-give away the rest
    5. Donated items

    My mom had kept all the ornaments I made in kindergarten, as well as all the pictures and personal Momentos throughout my whole life.

    It was indescribable how many times I got emotional. I had great parents and it really hit home during the looking face.

    It also occurred to me as to how much stuff we seem to collect. The reality is, it’s just stuff.

    As far as my young daughter is concerned, we were moving her this past weekend. It was very moving to see her take on the next stage of life. It was very difficult to come home to a quiet home. We are empty-nesters now and to be honest, it has made me feel blue.

    In my discussions with other parents, they felt the same way when moving. It is something I will struggle with but I know it is another stage in life.

    Going forward I will be more sympathetic to my clients moving.

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