• As you may imagine, bringing your mom into a long-term care facility is a very difficult and emotional decision that our family made this year. We believe we made the right choice. It’s hard because we care. We feel the same way with running a mortgage business. Making choices can be tough when we are dealing with clients’ lives. At Robert Floris’ Hamilton Mortgage Architects office, we are very big on hiring people who care. It is the only way to really enjoy the job. Today we will discuss matters that really do not relate to mortgages but to people who care.

    It was early Saturday morning and my daughter and I went to visit my mom at the retirement home. The facility was setting up for a Remembrance Day tribute. We decided to stay and listen and I am so proud I did. We learned that over 118,000 good Canadians died on the battlefield. We also learned the history of John McCrae, the author of “In Flanders Fields”. He had first seen war at the Boer War of the years 1899 to 1901. He was shocked and disappointed at the treatment of the sick and injured. Mr. McCrae really cared, so much in fact that he reenlisted at the age of 42 for World War I. He wanted to help people. Here I am 54 years old and wondering wow, what an awesome hero. That morning I intensely listened to the words of “In Flanders Fields”. I realize only now (what a shame) how powerful the poem and the words were.

    A former World War II veteran was in the ceremony. My daughter, Marina and I were fortunate enough to talk to him and thank him. His name was Gord. He was very gracious and humble and thanked us. But he also wanted us to remember the people who did not make it. He was correct. I hope that other Canadians felt as I did this Saturday morning. We are very lucky to be in this great country and I hope we never forget it.


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