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    If it’s true that April showers bring May flowers then landscaping season cannot be far away (I know, but we are close to April).  At Robert Floris’s Mortgage Architects office we thought we would take a break from low mortgage rates and hot Hamilton prices.

    When I was younger I always wondered why nurseries had so many people.  I hate to admit it but as I get older (over 50), I am starting to finally see why.  I like walking and seeing nice grass, patios, decks, pools and lighting really has started to appeal to me.  I guess that is why they call it Curb Appeal.  It is your first look at the home and usually sets the impression of the house.  When I used to go to clients homes I could tell immediately what the inside of the home would be by the beauty or lack of beauty of the outside landscaping.

    Here are some easy tips as guidelines;

    7 TIPS

    1. The landscaping at the front of the home is attractive enough to make people want to walk in the front door;
    2. The landscaping is easy to take care of. Requires little maintenance or a minimal amount of water;
    3. The landscaping is energy-efficient-meaning it provides shade to block the sun from windows that may take in a lot of sun;
    4. The trees are planted a safe distance from the home. They are healthy and well-maintained;
    5. The use of mulch makes the landscaping look attractive and keeps weeds in check;
    6. Concrete sidewalks, patios or fire pits are in good repair;
    7. Yard ornaments placed throughout the yard are appropriate and not overwhelming.

    As for me I am still struggling with my grass.  My wife and kids say that it is nice but they have to say that.

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