• When buying a home – EVEN IF YOU ARE PRE-APPROVED, Robert ALWAYS recommends making the offer conditional on an inspection and financing at minimum.


    Because the lender may have pre-approved you but this pre-approval is based on the “minimal” information that you have provided. In some cases, they are just “taking your word for it” that you have a certain amount of income or assuming other details don’t exist like you are paying child support for example! These details should be thoroughly checked and evaluated carefully by your mortgage broker and your lender before you waive your condition.

    Too many times clients have come into Robert’s office in a panic after having waived their condition based on a “meaningless” pre-approval from a bank. When push comes to shove and the bank can’t provide the money because they didn’t do their proper due diligence, who do you think is on the hook? Not the bank! They can always find a loophole that you didn’t disclose enough information to them.

    Say it with me:


    With Robert, you can waive your conditions with confidence because he meets with you and gives you the right answer – not always just the answer you want to hear.

    If real estate agents AND banks themselves turn to Robert to fix mistakes and find a way to make things work, why not just come to him first?? 🙂

    Robert Floris is a Hamilton mortgage planner offer sound financial advice – not just great rates.

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