• As a mortgage broker, I always get asked what product I would take.  I am lucky since I am situated in Hamilton Ontario and my computers are always near me.  I would lean towards a variable rate.  My wife, who has no interest in where rates are and what  might happen does not want  worry is very satisfied with a fixed rate mortgage.  And why not?  With mortgage rates at record low levels, fixed rates have NEVER been more attractive.

    Here is how Robert Floris would entertain a variable rate.  Suppose my mortgage for example is $250,000 and my variable rate is Prime – .70 which today is 2.15% and the amortization is 25 years.  My goals would be to pay this mortgage as fast as I can without missing anything in my normal routine.

    I would not pay the lowest amount since I would be vulnerable to rate shocks.  I would set up payments based on a 3.50% rate but apply it to the low variable rate.


    Mortgage Amount                           $250,000

    Amortization                                     25 years

    Payment at 2.15%                            $1076.81

    Payment at 3.50%                            $1248.18


    But if you pay approximately $1248 on a 2.15% rate, the new amortization is 20 years, 8 months.

    Remember, if your goal is to pay the mortgage faster you are saving approximately 4 years of payment or potentially $60,000.  I know what if rates go up on the variable.  Well realistically they will, but you are cushioning it with a 3.50% payment.  If your goal is to pay the mortgage quickly, this is an awesome plan for the following reason:

    • Building in a lifestyle at this low mortgage rate (won’t have mortgage shock)
    • Paying the mortgage at the best time when the bank interest is at its highest
    • Hedging against an increase in mortgage rates
    • Paying the mortgage faster with less interest

    This is how I would beat the bank and protect myself at the same time.  We have executed this plan with many happy families.

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