• This past Sunday, my wife and I went finally for our first Spring walk.  With the weather this year, you know what I mean about, finally.  It got me thinking about what else, spring cleaning.  It also made me think about my clients and how many could use a spring financial clean up.  I sat down and started to think what suggestions I could come up with to help my fellow Hamiltonians who need basic advice.

    So here goes, a list of suggestions to improve your financial situation:

    – It’s tax season, what a great time to review if you are taking advantage of every credit or deduction

    – are the kids in every type of sport?  Our kids were and we cut back on soccer.  Not only did it save money, but we had more of a life

    – shop and consolidate your insurance, life, home and automobile

    – shop and consolidate your cable, internet and phone package.  I learned a lesson on how much I could save when shopping for my cell phone.

    – consider dropping your land line phone

    – review your utilities.  Are there areas where you can save?  Can you consolidate some of the utility plans?

    – review your bank accounts, are there memberships, deductions, or subscriptions that you are paying and not taking advantage of?

    – are there gift cards, or accumulated points from credit cards that are not used.  Can they be used to pay down debts?

    –  Can you switch credit card balances that are high to new credit card balance which has low introductory rates

    – Look around the house.  Is there anything that could be sold?  Our house has a lot of junk.  I wonder why we don’t have a garage sale or sell items on Kijiji.

    Please start a pay yourself plan.  I guarantee you it will lead to financial freedom.  I realize it is difficult but what a fantastic habit that is beneficial to you and not the bank.

    Consider a refinance of your mortgage.  Mortgage rates are at record lows and what a great way to improve your cash flow.

    I realize it might be difficult since time is a huge enemy for us.  Look at having automatic payments taken out which will reduce stress.  I hope you realize banks try to get your money, how else do they make money.  Be selfish; put your family, finances and freedom first.  It is work the effort!