• What is the maximum mortgage amortization?

    What is the maximum mortgage amortization? Before answering the question what is the maximum mortgage amortization, we should first explain what an amortization is. Our clients will often get confused between the term of the mortgage and the [...]

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    How To Pass The Stress Test

    First things first: even though it is generally better if you CAN pass the stress test, you don’t necessarily need to pass the stress test if any of the following are true: 1. You are refinancing your home. 2. If you are purchasing a home[...]

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    Should I Lock In My Rate? Should I Renew Early?

    SHOULD I LOCK IN MY RATE? With all of the recent and looming interest rate hikes, we are getting a lot of calls from anxious clients asking if they should lock in (and justifiably so). Unfortunately, we can’t answer that question. However, [...]

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