• Hamilton RealtorsHere are 5 reasons for Hamilton Realtors:

    The internet has become a very important part of searching for a home. People will use it not only to view listings but also to find Hamilton Realtors.

    Did you know?

    92% of people will use the internet at some point when shopping for a home and 43% start looking at homes online in their first step.

    This is why it is very important for Hamilton realtors to have their own personal website – to offer that information and make a connection with the shopper. That should be enough reason right there but here are 5 more just in case you are not convinced!

    1.  Leads: when realtors have their own personal website, it can generate leads that you can follow up on. But be sure to follow up in the right way and at the right time with the right message!
    2. Personal Branding: it is important for Hamilton Realtors to have their own personalized branding to associate their name with quality service. Having a personal website is a prime opportunity to display testimonials like the ones you can find on my page.
    3. Automatic Lead Capture: when realtors have their own websites, they can set it up to automatically capture leads. You can encourage readers to fill out forms to give added value.
    4. Local Exposure: personalized websites can target searches to local areas.
    5. Value Resources: with a personalized website, realtors can provide great resources to their potential clients – answer questions, share updates and trends.

    However, probably the most important point about creating a personal website as Hamilton Realtors is that it must be maintained.. It is strongly encouraged to set up your site with a blog so that the information can be kept fresh. This not only provides quality up to date information to clients but also helps when ranking in the search engines.

    Robert Floris is a Mortgage Broker. His office is located at 651 Fennell Avenue East in Hamilton, Ontario. If you would like to speak with Robert, he can be reached at 905-574-9200 #215. Alternatively, you can contact Robert here.

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