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    If the Old Hamilton LRT was Lemons, Let’s Make Lemonade with the New Hamilton LRT

    What is the new Hamilton LRT? Affordable housing with Low Rent Tenants. It is quite simple. As a true Hamiltonian who was born, raised, educated and started his own family here in this city, we need to act fast.

    The Steel City is quietly changing its image into a new revitalization. With Hamilton home prices being strong and rents increasing at one of the fastest paces in the province, many citizens are choosing this great city to live. Unfortunately, this has some negative consequences as well: We have a serious shortage of affordable housing.

    At our Mortgage Architects office in Hamilton, we realize the Light Rail Transit system will not happen. However, 60 buildings and 78 tenants are to be displaced. Can we not turn a negative into a positive? Here is my idea…

    Although the city can get funds by selling to developers, wouldn’t be wise to renovate these solid buildings and turn them to beautiful affordable housing? Can the city, local industry and volunteerism not work together to beautify the homes? If the city can control and organize the homes to be re-done and lived in by existing displaced LRT tenants and some sold to the working poor (who could not otherwise buy homes in Hamilton), it would be a win-win for everyone.

    The homes would beautify our city’s core and we could also tackle affordable rents and housing.

    These are just my thoughts. Here is a report on rents and affordability in Hamilton and Ontario.

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