• Good Mortgage BrokerTop 5 Qualities Of A Good Mortgage Broker

    If you’re looking for a Good Mortgage Broker you would be well advised to keep this checklist in mind and ensure your advisor has these characteristics. At Robert Floris’ Mortgage Architects office in Hamilton, Ontario, we certainly try to adhere to these top level standards.

    1. Education

    A Good Mortgage Broker not only shops around for the best mortgage rates, but they also have to be a good educator. Purchasing a home is usually the client’s biggest purchase so the broker must be detail oriented. The client must truly understands. This also builds trustworthy relationships.

    2. Planning

    How will you manage the largest debt that you will have; a mortgage? Our clients are different; some want to be mortgage-free, some want to renovate, have kids, improve cash flow, or invest in the future. A Good Mortgage Broker will plan and demonstrate how clients can achieve their goals.

    3. Communication

    Buying or refinancing your home produces anxious moments. A Good Mortgage Broker, emails, returns phone calls, is a long-term listener, continuous teacher and is totally transparent. This helps to reduce the anxiety of the clients.

    4. Advice

    Clients want a strong advisor who is an open book and properly illuminates ideas.  The mortgage process impacts other areas of financing which are seldom discussed. How much is the legal fee, how do property taxes work, do I need life insurance and how do I set up home insurance? These are only a small fraction of areas where a Good Mortgage Broker should be able to assist.

    5. Professionalism and High Integrity

    This goes without saying for any industry but especially in the financial world. A Good Mortgage Broker must be honourable and do only what is best for the client. Last year, I refused to get involved in a family’s purchase since I sincerely felt they could not afford the home. Sure enough, another broker provided the funds with high fees and a high interest rate. Needless to say and unfortunately, now they are truly struggling

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