• Please say it ain’t so! Free applications on your mobile. What happened to calling your mortgage broker? I guess being over 50 and typing with one finger, I just don’t get it. But today’s youth want their mortgage information instantly. At Robert Floris’ Mortgage Architects office we would never hold back technology. The fact is, this is great for the consumer. Information such as mortgage interest rates, mortgage definitions and mortgage payments at your fingertips. So here are mortgage applications to help you:

    1. The Canadian Mortgage App (probably the most popular app).

    2. Ready Set Home – developed by CMHC.

    3. Simple Canadian Mortgage Calculator (helps with determining mortgage payment).

    There you have it. Just don’t forget to call your mortgage broker LOL!!

    Robert Floris is a mortgage agent located on the East Hamilton Mountain serving Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, GTA, Ontario and the rest of Canada. Call or email Robert to discuss your financial needs including new home purchases, resale homes, refinancing and debt consolidation.

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