• Do I qualify for a mortgage? Many clients come to our office or we talk on the phone and they are petrified. Is it because I am a tough guy? I hope not. No, the fact that they are scared is because their knowledge of financing a home is close to zero. Can I relate? Yes, I feel the same way at Home Depot. I get intimidated. At Robert Floris’ mortgage architects office we will try to explain to destress our readers.

    There are many ways to qualify for a home loan. Lenders are looking at three simple things. Do you have good credit, good stable income and a down payment. Generally, these items help support getting financing. It is quite common today to have less than stellar credit. If your credit history requires work, mortgages can still be obtained with higher interest rates or larger down payment or both. Factors such as stable income and the size of the loan requested must be considered. Do not be afraid to call our office, we are patient, try to educate and most importantly are no pressure with no obligation.

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