• Maybe I’m getting older, maybe more mellow but December has arrived and I could not be happier. I feel very blessed that I am doing what I love. Dealing with money is not easy. It gets emotional with many clients and from the sharks I am trying to protect them from. But December changes a lot of attitudes. Its not the Christmas lights or presents or food. It seems our society slows down, enjoys the moment We seem to be more patient. we also appreciate family and friends. We enjoy the moment I hope we all reflect and appreciate this wonderful time. Remember, January will be here soon and the rat race will once again begin.

    Robert Floris is an independent mortgage consultant at Mortgage Architects in Hamilton, Ontario with an office located on the East Hamilton Mountain service Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto and the rest of Ontario. Please call Robert for any advice on mortgages, refinancing, home purchases, home improvement loans, line of credit.

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