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    Having our office located on the East Hamilton Mountain, we often miss out on clients who are seeking the best mortgage brokers in Burlington. Fortunately, if someone searches for the best mortgage brokers in Burlington, they will like find my colleagues (and friends) Ray Silvestri and Robert Cagnin. Incidentally, both are very competent mortgage brokers in Burlington and I would recommend them all day long.

    Location Is Not An Issue

    Unfortunately, what many prospective clients don’t realize is that with the advancements of today’s technology, the location of a mortgage broker’s office is not a real issue. Surprisingly, everything can be done electronically nowadays.

    Mobile Apps

    Nowadays, you can use our app that can be downloaded here to run unlimited scenarios of income, down payment, rates, mortgage payments, amortizations. The sky is really the limit. You can adjust variables and check how it impacts your mortgage affordability and your payments. You can check how much you can qualify for.

    Online Applications

    If you are seeking the best mortgage brokers in Burlington and decide that you would like to apply or be pre-approved for a mortgage to purchase, refinance or renew/switch, you can do so complete online by filling out our intuitive online application accessible here. There is no obligation when you do so and no pressure to go with us. Consequently, it just lets us evaluate you financial situation in detail. Best of all, it doesn’t require a physical visit to our office or even a phone call for that matter! (Although we would be happy to talk to you!)

    Complete The Mortgage

    Once approved, we start collecting and signing documents. Often, we do it all by email!  We send the package by email to our clients. Our clients print, sign, and return by scan. Even pictures on cell phones will suffice. We don’t need originals of anything.

    Choose The Broker Not The Location

    So, the next time you are looking for the best mortgage brokers in Burlington, stop to consider that it doesn’t really matter where the broker is located. Most mortgage brokers are licensed to practice province-wide. You never have to see them or call them! However, as I said before, we would be more than happy to meet you!

    Robert Floris is a Mortgage Broker. His office is located at 651 Fennell Avenue East in Hamilton, Ontario. If you would like to speak with Robert, he can be reached at 905-574-9200 #215. Alternatively, you can contact Robert here.

    If you would like to apply for a mortgage online, please follow this link.

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