• Recently, I had the opportunity of meeting clients on a beautiful night in their unit on Bay Street North. When they escorted me to the deck areas, the scene of the sunset, the water, the boats and the beautiful scenery stunned me. My first thought was “this is gorgeous”. My second thought was “what a fool I was”. I have lived in Hamilton all my life. Why did I not see the potential when looking for my house. I remember as a child that Italian immigrants first inhabited here. Then I clearly remember you could not give away their properties. Hamiltonian’s living by the waterfront? Are you kidding? Today I will write that it was predominantly non-Hamiltonians who saw all of the potential that our city has to offer.

    Living in the Bayfront area of north Hamilton is now considered prestigious. Most citizens do not realize the value that this area has now. For the most part, non- Hamiltonians have bought these older area homes and spent quality money to restore these classic homes. Views of the lake now command large price tags. And why not! The city has helped by putting in parks, such as Bayfront,as well, paths to cycle and walk have made this area more livable. The private sector has also invested in the area with coffee shops and restaurants. It should be noted that the client I was with was from Manitoba.

    The second area of our great city I will discuss is the Gage Park neighbourhood. Before I do this, I will take you back approximately 10 years. I was in the High Park area of Toronto. A very beautiful neighbourhood and the homes were quite similar to the area that I lived in, which was the Scott Park, Gage Park section. In discussing the clients current value, I almost lost my mind. The homes were selling for approximately $600, 000. I kept thinking how lucky I was to live in the Hammer. where similar values were one third of those in High Park. Well guess what? Who do you think invaded this area in the last five years? You guessed correctly: Torontonians. Suddenly I felt as though real estate investing may not be in my future. This was the area that I have lived in for over twenty years and yet the potential never even occurred to me. I tip my hat to the smart and happy Toronto buyers.

    Lastly, I will discuss Hamilton’s beach front. Years ago, our great city was trying to clean up the area adjacent to Burlington. It offered up plots of land for sale. Who would buy in the old industrial area? I wish I had. The area looks great and will only get better. Purchases have knocked the old homes down and rebuilt. There are new pathways by the waterfront where many bikes and joggers enjoy. If you missed it, don’t worry, so did I. Take a drive by the beach front near Confederation Park in Hamilton, as it will only get better.

    Where is the next great real estate neighbourhood? Heck, do not ask me! I know years from now I will be kicking myself as how and why I could have missed an opportunity such as the next potential area of Hamilton.

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