• Do you know what time it is?

    Like most Canadians, it is the time of the year we receive our annual mortgage statements.And like most Canadians we just put them away in filing without seeing opportunity.

    Do you dream about paying off your mortgage?

    You do? So what have you done to get closer to this reachable goal?

    • Accelerate payments?
    • Increase your payments?
    • Lump sum payments?
    • Anything?

    It’s too hard? Oh yeah – look at this:


    Current mortgage = $400,000 Rate = 2.5%Amortization = 25 yearsPayment principal and interest = $1791.86Balance after 12 months equals $388,313.89 Remaining amortization = 24 years


    After increase to $1890 per monthCurrent mortgage = $400,000Rates = 2.5%Amortization = 22 years 4 monthsPayment principal and interest = $1890Balance after 12 months = $375,143.79Remaining amortization = 21 years 4months

    What did you save?

    $37,800By skipping 20 payments (24 To 22 years 4 months)

    Take care of yourself and your family

    Just do it

    You can thank me later!

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