• Ken GiesIt is not often that a realtor asked me to lunch, but several weeks ago this just happened and off to Rankins we went. When we arrived, the hostess came over and hugged this realtor. I thought this was odd and my curiosity prompted me to ask him what that was all about. The waitress evidently had been in the same profession for over 25 years. The girl although not making bad income did not qualify for a mortgage with the banks. The agent helped her buy her home many years ago and held the mortgage at the same rates as the bank. I entered the mortgage market many years ago and I remember the agent helping many people this way. Maybe I was too green to fully understand at the time the great gesture he was making,  but I certainly understood now. The man’s name is Ken Gies.

    At Robert Floris’ his Mortgage Architects office, we mention the story for many reasons.

    I first met Ken when I was the mortgage sales manager at Scotia. He graciously allowed me to do a sales speech when he owned his own Real Estate company. For whatever reason, he gave me an opportunity to help him service his clients. That was great in itself, but more importantly, he taught me what my education could not teach me: how to run a business and most importantly how to treat people. Ken was so patient, kind and most importantly giving. It is no surprise how many referrals he received from past clients. At our mortgage office, it was a great lesson on how to treat and respect people. Sometimes in your life you get lucky, and I was certainly fortunate and grateful that I met Ken Gies.

    Robert Floris is a Mortgage Agent located on the East Hamilton Mountain, serving Hamilton and the GTA and Ontario. He not only offers the best mortgage rates, but also honest advice and a financial plan at no charge to the client.

    Robert can be contacted at 905-574-9200 Ext. 215 OR by email at mortgages@robertfloris.com. You can fill out an application online at https://application.malink.ca:8112/App/MARC/FLORISR/en-ca/1896 with absolutely no pressure and no obligation.

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