Never More Proud To Be a Canadian, Hamiltonian….

Although this website is dedicated to genuinely helping Hamiltonians and Canadians with their financing, the actions of this week could not be ignored.  I was born, raised and live in Hamilton and could not be prouder.  I hope we all, as Canadians, appreciate what a great country we live in. The reservist from Hamilton was […]


The average level of personal debt in Canada rose 21 per cent this year to $15,910, with Albertans hardest hit with a 63 per cent jump to $24,271 in debt, according to a survey done this August for Royal Bank of Canada. The third annual RBC debt poll, only measures non-mortgage debt such as credit cards, lines […]

Great News for a Great City…. Hamilton

GREAT NEWS FOR THE GREATEST CITY IN CANADA. For financial help please log onto    The pace of home sales in this city has been growing faster than even in Toronto, while price gains in recent years have strained local affordability to levels that trail only Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Calgary? Nope. Edmonton? No again. Welcome to […]

This Just Happened to Our Family….

Being in the financial industry for over 20 years, I think I have heard every story.  But hearing stories and living them just happened to me; my oldest daughter left to go to University in September of this year.  I cannot tell you that a lot of the feelings were very similar to the article below.  […]

One Opinion Where Interest Rates On Mortgages Have Helped

Canadians paying down debt quickly in low-rate environment CIBC economist says mortgage amortizations are getting shorter, meaning less risk from rising rates Home prices may be rising, but Canadians are taking advantage of low rates to pay down their mortgage principal faster, says CIBC’s Benjamin Tal. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press) Paying down the mortgage 6:52 Average house […]

Controversy Over Housing Market

The CEO of the Bank of Nova Scotia says that concerns over a housing bubble are overblown and the word ‘bubble’ is overused. Brian Porter says that credit growth is modest and the job market is stable and he believes that the bank’s exposure to the market has been well monitored and stress-tested. Porter says […]

Buy or Rent?

Buying or renting, it appears to be a simple answer, of course you buy. NOT SO FAST, I will analyze this question given my experience as a mortgage broker. BENEFITS OF OWNING YOUR HOME -It allows you or your family to plant roots and grow within your community -Once you have paid for the home, the home will be yours. […]