How much can I afford after Jan. 1?

  How much will you be able to afford after the new mortgage rules are in place on January 1, 2018? Let’s take an example of somebody who makes $67K/yr and has saved up a $90K downpayment. Assuming a 5 year fixed rate of 3.09%, a 25 year amortization and $700/mth in other debt, that […]

Kids Buying a Home? Parents to the Rescue!

“The dream of homeownership may be fading for some.” This is a very daunting comment. It is not Robert Floris’ of Mortgage Architects saying this. But I must admit it did really make me think. This was said by the head of the Federal housing agency, CMHC, Evan Siddall. He also stated “Housing affordability has […]

Lest We Forget

As you may imagine, bringing your mom into a long-term care facility is a very difficult and emotional decision that our family made this year. We believe we made the right choice. It’s hard because we care. We feel the same way with running a mortgage business. Making choices can be tough when we are […]

How will the new mortgage rules affect you in 2018?

If you are a loyal reader to our blog, you may realize that I enjoy predicting the future. Robert Floris’ Mortgage Architects office, we have had many of our predictions come true, but we certainly have not been perfect as well. Several years ago as the price of oil tanked, we thought Alberta’s real estate […]


PRE-APPROVED? CONSIDERING REFINANCING IN THE NEW YEAR? PLEASE READ below as this could affect you! FACT: The GOVERNMENT has approved new stricter mortgage rules FACT: As of January 1, 2018: ALL mortgages are required to be approved at the HIGH STRESS TEST RATE of 4.89% OR MORE! RESULT: Starting next year, all clients will QUALIFY FOR […]

Stats are Showing a Decrease in Home Ownership

Less Canadians are interested in home ownership nowadays. Many of them are starting to opt for renting. A current census says that 30 year old Canadians are less likely to buy a home today than their parents did at their age. This reflects a national decline in home ownership. 55% of baby boomers owned their […]